Google Ads Management

Certified Google Ads Experts

Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) is an essential channel for many businesses who are searching for more customers. Google accounts for two-thirds of all U.S. web searches, and Google Ads are a cost-effective way to generate leads and sales online.

Pay-per-click advertising with Google delivers your business instant traffic by placing your ads on the top of Google's search results pages, inside of Google Maps, and throughout Google's Video and Display network.

Bright Hana provides full-service programs, ad management, creative, optimization, landing page development, content development, and consulting for Google Ads. We specialize in search ads, display, remarketing, shopping ads (Google Marketplace), in-app (mobile) advertising, and YouTube video advertising.

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Google Advertising Service Includes:

Google Ads Setup
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Content and Optimization
  • Campaign Setup
  • Audience and Location Targeting
  • Bid Management
  • Automation and Event Triggers
  • Call and Conversion Tracking
Ongoing Analysis and Optimization
  • In-Depth Campaign Analysis
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance and ROI Reporting
  • Negative Keywording
  • Budget and Bid Maintenance
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Landing Page and Content Optimization
  • Design and Creative
Other Google Ads Services
  • Display Ad Design
  • Video Production
  • Copywriting (Keyword Optimization)
  • Advanced Analysis
  • One-Time Audits
  • On-Site Training
  • Campaign Support
  • Emergency Availability
Monthly Management
  • ROI Analysis and Reporting
  • Conversion Optimization
  • CTR Improvement
  • Lead Generation Tactics
  • Keyword Adjustments
  • Ad and Content Expansion
  • A/B Testing (Ads & Landing Pages)
  • Bid Adjustments and Experiments

Why hire an agency to run Google ads?

We are Google Certified, with more than a decade of experience. This experience allows us to achieve greater visibility, lower costs, and better performance. We've had many years, and worked with many clients to find the best tactics and techniques to run successful campaigns.

In addition to Google Ads experience, we also know a lot about landing page design, keyword research, targeting, conversion optimization and on-site marketing that can greatly improve lead generation and conversions.

What type of Ads Does Google Offer?

Text Ads show at the top of Google search results pages. Ads run on desktop, mobile and tablet. Google also allows you to run text ads on Google Maps.

Ads that run inside of mobile apps who have opted into the Google Ad network. As with all of Google's advertising products, these ads can be targeted by location, device, demographics and much more.

Graphical and animated ads run on thousands of web and mobile sites in the Google Display Network. Display ads are great for branding, as well as generating traffic.

Ads that are show to people who have previously visited your website and/or custom curated audiences. Remarketing is an excellent way to get repeat business, to improve brand recognition, and to re-engage people who didn't previously convert.

Google Shopping (E-commerce)
Shopping ads appear on Google Search, Google Images, and YouTube, when people search for the products you sell. A highly customizable option that can hit targets on a grainual level.

Advertising on Google allows you to target highly qualified consumers exactly when they are looking for your product or service. There is no minimum spend, and no long-term commitment. You get precise tracking and reporting that can show you your true ROI.

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