Google Ads Audits

Can you Improve your Google Ads?

Is there wasted budged in your Google Ads Campaign? Are you sure your campaigns properly optimized? Are your ads missing valuable opportunities?

If you’re running Google Ads through an agency or in-house marketing team, regular third-party audits are a critical insurance policy to ensure your getting the most of your advertising dollars. Google Ads Certification doesn’t guarantee quality, and just because you trust a person or an agency, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve. There’s ALWAYS room to improve.

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Bright Hana offers Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) reviews and one-time audits to help to ensure your campaigns are properly constructed and optimized. We lend a second set of expert eyes to help you identify waste and make suggestions on how you can increase the return on your Google Ads investment.

Our audits are not automated or A.I. controlled. Real humans will evaluate your campaign and provide useful, actionable insights. Our experts are Google Certified, with years of professional hands-on experience.

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An independent review will usually identify some amount of budget waste. Finding and fixing these issues will not only save you money and improve your ROI, but an expert audit may also help your team learn new tactics and improve future advertising campaigns.

Our Google Ads audits are non-intrusive, and only require limited access to select campaigns for a short time. When complete, we provide detailed reports on our findings. This includes grades for structure, optimization, creative and performance. We’ll detail specific steps to eliminate waste and further optimize your account.

A Google Ads audit provides a path for improvement, and peace of mind. Be sure your advertising is performing to win.

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