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Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business online. With a broad, highly engaged audience, Facebook ads can be tightly targeted to reach your customers at opportune times.

Facebook offers a variety of formats and targeting methods to meet your advertising goals, and ads can run on any size budget.

Expand Reach with Instagram Ads

Facebook also owns Instagram, and their ad platform allows you to easily share creative across both properties simultaneously. With 500 million daily app users, the Instagram platform is an excellent way to amplify the reach of your campaigns.

Bright Hana builds, manages and optimizes Facebook and Instagram campaigns for small and large businesses. We plan, create, and execute conversion-focused campaigns that deliver top line results. To find out if there are advertising opportunities for your business on Facebook or Instagram, tell us a little about your audience here.

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We use advanced tactics to ensure the best ROI on Facebook and Instagram advertising. From A/B testing and audience management, to conversion optimization and creative ad content, we help our clients take their social media marketing to the next level.

Our Process

Audience Discovery
First we learn about your industry, products, brand, audience and goals. Knowing who you are and how you fit into the Facebook and Instagram landscape sets the stage for achieving your advertising goals. The discovery process concludes with a comprehensive strategy that defines KPIs, targeting, budgets and objectives.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Development
Next we begin developing your Facebook and Instagram ads. This includes copywriting, design and video editing. Strong creative that connects with your audience is key to a successful campaign.

Campaign Deployment
Next we launch your campaign. The initial hours and days of your ad deployment require close monitoring. Facebook and Instagram gauge the value of your ads in real-time, and ads that have strong engagement can earn more reach with lower cost. We'll ensure ads are performing at a high level, and pull low-performing ads.

Ad Optimization
We monitor the progress of your campaign, and continually make improvements to creative, bids and content to ensure we're moving towards your goal.

Facebook and Instagram Ad Reports
We'll deliver comprehensive reports on a regular basis. Reports will focus on predefined KPIs, and help you determine your overall ROI. Many of our Facebook and Instagram campaigns are run in conjunction with other advertising on other platforms such as Google Ads, or traditional media. In these cases we offer aggregate reporting and real-time performance dashboards.

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Facebook Advertising Benefits

  • Powerful targeting connects your ads to the right customers
  • Billions of daily active users
  • Unique ad formats to tell your story
  • Custom audience management and highly targeted remarketing
  • Significantly lower CPM compared to traditional media
  • Measurable results and useful insights
  • Highly engaged audiences

Instagram Advertising Benefits

  • Highly visual platform to deliver your message
  • Billions of users and rapid growth
  • Cost effective for any size budget
  • Custom audience targeting and remarketing
  • Storytelling opportunities
  • Trackable advertising with clear ROI
  • Build relationships with consumers and businesses