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Why Work with Bright Hana?
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Marketing Strategy

Strategy always wins. We have five simple rules that will lay the foundation for marketing success. Learn More
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Creative sets the tone. Design converts. We believe in solid branding, clever creative, and modern engineering. Learn More
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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising combines art and science. We leverage smart targeting and analysis to convert customers. Learn More
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Marketing Automation

Save time, save money, automate today. Track customers and build powerful personalized content automatically. Learn More
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Analysis & Optimization

Analysis and optimization is how you improve. We use industry leading tools. A.I. powered, human directed. Learn More


Organic search placment still has huge value. We track trends and help sites rank on Google, maps, Amazon and more. Learn More

Modern Marketing Consulting

If you know exactly how to reach your goal, you're lucky. It’s rare that the path is clear. If you're uncertain, that's where we come in.

Bright Hana delivers results oriented marketing strategies designed to disrupt your competition. We make waves.

Bright Hana melds traditional marketing with technical innovation. We have an entrepreneurial mindset, a love of design and creative, and knack for analysis. We're new. We're modern. We relentlessly chase goals.

If you're ready to make waves, we're your new swim buddy.

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